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Permalink My hometown radio station is playing some awesome stuff right now … This song takes me back.  It’s amazing. #music
Permalink Don’t remember where I found this, but it’s accurate.
Permalink This was a good time…
Permalink Magnetic poetry at the library.  #poetry #librarythings
Permalink Stumbled across the White Stripes in a 2004 issue of Photograph. #music

Deleting 50,000 emails from another account. This is what happens when you don’t regularly delete emails over the span of 10 years.

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Applying for jobs like

Dear Sir/Madam, 
Thank you for rejecting my job application to your company.
I have read your application with interest. Because I have received a large number of refusals, I had to make a selection of candidates and I regret to tell you that you are not part of this group.
Despite your qualities and experience in rejecting job applicants, I must inform you your refusal does not meet my profile for this position.
For this reason, I am notifying you I will start working for your company effective immediately. I am looking forward to a prosperous collaboration.
I wish you all the best in rejecting future applicants.
Sincerely, Mark dutchster
Permalink Very much enjoying this album.  There’s a song on it that reminiscent of Sigur Ros in some ways. #music

Student: I need the reserve I had this morning.

Me: Okay, do you have the call number?

Student: No, but it’s back there.  She got it for me this morning.

Me: Without the call number, I don’t know which one you need.  The Reference Librarian can help you find the call number.

Student: It’s for Professor X’s class.  I just need it!

Me: We have a lot of reserves.  I can’t find it without the call number.  You can get that from the Reference Librarian.

Student: [slams head on desk and whines] But I neeeeeddd it!  Why can’t you get it for me?

Me: Because to find it, I need the call number.

Student: Uuuugggghhhhhhh!!!

Permalink Applesauce success. #food #cooking
Permalink Feels like Fall.  Time to make applesauce.  And yes, I’m peeling them in my living room so I can watch Addams Family reruns. #food #cooking
Permalink Been mass deleting email for the last hour. Not done yet, but better than the 9,000 I had when I started. #stressrelief

It’s like I’m on repeat right now …

"Always send them to Reference if they don’t know the call number."

"If they don’t know the call number, send them to Reference."

"Please stop trying to look up call numbers and send them to Reference."

"Please don’t try finding reserve items for people based on the book’s color.  Send them to Reference so they can get the call number."