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A blog in which I post about whatever comes to mind. Expect it to include funny or politically-based reblogs, musings on atheism, and all other things I find interesting.

Permalink Part Two … Cloud Nothings, Saves the Day, a Sigur Ros promo album, Stereophonics, the Lemonheads, and Ocean Colour Scene. #music
Permalink I should not be let loose in record stores Part One… Left to right, top to bottom … Bad Religion, Doves, the Tindersticks (I remember hearing them in 1997 but that’s about it), Creeper Lagoon, more Doves, New Order, Lush, the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, and Bahaus. #music
Permalink Pretty sure this book is severely and profoundly outdated… #book
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Why I almost failed math, and then went on to major in English.
Permalink Reading, writing, and listening to music on my balcony this Sunday afternoon.  Good way to cap off a fantastic week. #relaxing
Permalink I can’t remember if I posted this - it’s from the Philly show.
Permalink Finally able to wear the Pulp tee shirt I got at the Radio City concert a couple years ago.
Permalink Woo hoo!
Permalink Queen @ MSG.
Permalink Queen @ MSG.  Woo hoo!
Permalink NYC concert.  Fleet!
Permalink Verrazzano Bridge.
Permalink Brian.  Queen concert in Philadelphia.
Permalink Queen…