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The reference librarian just started singing a Paul Simon song.

Someone please save me …


Questions at the Library …

Guy: I’d like to sign this book out.

Employee: Okay.

Guy: Can I write in it?  like, write notes?  And highlight stuff?

Me: No - it’s not yours.

Why is this even a question?  Seriously, does no one understand how libraries work or that you can’t damage property that isn’t yours?

Permalink Gerard Way at Irving Plaza #gerardway #music #concert
Permalink Gerard Way at Irving Plaza #gerardway #music #concert
Permalink This show was fucking insane…my ears are still ringing. #gerardway #music #concert #NYC

So many teenagers making me feel old, but at least I’m not too far from the stage.

Permalink This is only a small part of the line…

This line is massive, but I’m too old to spend hours in line waiting for a good spot. It’s a small venue anyway so it shouldn’t be too bad.

Permalink Brooklyn.
Permalink 3rd paragraph … This book is so weird.  Weird in a really good way. #books #booktimes #reading
Permalink Success. #food #cooking #baking

ETA:  Also seem to have finally gotten the texture right.  Woo hoo!
Permalink Reading and watching football while my bread bakes. #multitasking
Permalink Sunday baking.  Time for the second rise. #food #cooking #baking